Cleanup Oilseed Impurity Methods

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Cleanup oilseed impurity methods, after oil production using a reasonable method to clean impurities, oil and meal in order to improve quality, reduce losses and ensure that the oil yield.

Cleanup oilseed impurity methods:

(1) Screening method: the main cleaning method. Oilseeds and impurities in accordance with the difference on the particle size and shape, so that by having the oilseed size, shape different mesh filter.

(2) Winnowing process: According to the difference between oilseeds and impurities in the gas kinetic properties, the use of air, by means of winnowing equipment will dust and other impurities lighter than or heavier than oilseeds removal separately.

(3) Impact Method: According to the differences in the oilseeds and impurities mechanical strength, so that the first grinding device and by striking action, crushing the impurities, and then removing the screening method.

(4) The proportion method: the proportion of oilseeds and impurities according to different principles, using gravity to stone washing machine and equipment (also known as water election law) to remove impurities.

(5) Magnetic separation method: According to oilseeds and metal magnetic different principle, using magnetic separation equipment will fuel the metal (iron) removed.

Actual production, in order to efficiently remove all impurities, not simply use one of the methods impurity, and is often carried out using various combinations of cleaning equipment to clean up oil impurity.

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